the wenty leagues club redevelopment | hospitality styling

The Bone Made duo were recently given the opportunity to style Wenty Leagues extended new dining precinct ‘The PLAZA’. Drawing inspiration from the impeccable design & architecture as well as the Club’s branding ‘Home away from Home’, they based their style on a Danish word ‘Hygge’ which describes a feeling of cosiness and contentment. Think of a dinner with close knit friends, sitting around a warm and glowing fire, or a cup of tea in bed on a cold wet day. Creating a comfortable, inviting, yet memorable space and experience was the goal and vision for Bone Made.

Consisting of an open plaza seating area, three new restaurants; Chef’s Grill; Pizza Mama; Crave Desserts; as well as a sleek new Bar, Bone Made created unique, individual concepts for each section as they all presented their own quirks and differences.

Beautiful oak joinery was designed by Buchan Architecture to frame each restaurant front, as well create screening between each space. These shelves were utilised by Bone Made to adorn with specific items to reflect the theme for each space and restaurant.